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Fatalle 02-26-2010 11:03 AM

I just want to let everyone know that I have officially been hacked. I noticed an automated email of a password change that I know I didn't initiate. I'm on hold with Blizz. I'm so sorry guys, I don't know how this happened. I never go to any questionable sites and certainly haven't been anywhere unfamiliar lately.

Is it ironic that this occurred while I was doing yoga to reduce stress?

Gryphon 02-26-2010 11:40 AM

Re: Hacked
I have demoted you and Dane to be safe from losing any more bank items. However the bank did get looted, most items removed, gold still intact oddly.

I put in a ticket to hopefully expedite the repair as well.

Fatalle 02-26-2010 12:20 PM

Re: Hacked
Thanks Gryph. The guy on the phone didn't say much except that he's marked my account as compromised and to submit separate tickets for my account and the guild bank so they can working on restoring everything. At least he was very friendly and reassuring. I put in a ticket for my stuff and made mention of yours for the guild stuff. And authenticators have been ordered for both Dane and myself. I'll let you know as soon as we receive and activate them.

I'm so sorry about this.

Gryphon 02-26-2010 12:33 PM

Re: Hacked
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That is ok, they usually fix this stuff, just a bump in the road.

Fatalle 02-26-2010 12:35 PM

Re: Hacked
Yeah thats me. I went AFK to bake cookies. lol

Gryphon 02-26-2010 12:37 PM

Re: Hacked
Ok cool, thought it was still the hacker, good thing I didn't cuss you out like I did earlier :D

Fatalle 02-26-2010 01:00 PM

Re: Hacked
I would have understood. :hug:

Stang 02-26-2010 02:07 PM

Re: Hacked
Don't be sorry at all Fate its not your fault some low life has nothing better to do than hack into a game and ruin peoples fun. Some just have such high goals in life. But nice to know Blizzard is taking care of it quickly as they can.

On a funny note, see what happens when you use roll hax! :p

Fatalle 02-27-2010 10:50 PM

Re: Hacked
When I got home tonight my items had already been restored. I have nothing from the guild bank (except maybe some orbs and crystals since I have pretty much a full stack of each and I know I didn't before). Don't suppose we're lucky enough for Gryph to have received the bank items?

Gryphon 02-28-2010 02:24 AM

Re: Hacked
Yes, I received an email listing what I will arrive in my mailbox. I am on my mobile phone right now or I would post the list, it is quite hilarious mass amount of items what I be toting to the bank from the mailbox.

Fatalle 02-28-2010 09:59 AM

Re: Hacked
Okay good, I can relax now then. /phew

Gryphon 02-28-2010 05:16 PM

Re: Hacked

Realm: Alleria
Character Name: Gryphen
Guild Name: Allied Tribal Forces

Money Restored: 200g 0s 0c

Item(s) Restored:
Abyss Crystal x18
Abyss Walker's Boots
Abyss Walker's Boots
Ace of Elementals
Ace of Portals
Ace of Storms
Adamantite Powder x12
Adept's Elixir x22
Aquamarine Signet
Arcane Dust x20
Arcane Elixir x5
Arcane Tome x10
Arcanist Bindings
Arcanoweave Robe
Arctic Fur x2
Aviary Guardsman's Hauberk
Azerothian Diamond x7
Azure Moonstone x20
Bands of Fading Light
Bands of Fading Light
Blood Garnet x18
Blue Sapphire x3
Bolt of Imbued Netherweave x15
Bone Fragments x61
Bone-Framed Bracers
Bone-Framed Bracers
Bone-Framed Bracers
Bone-Framed Bracers
Book of Glyph Mastery
Boots of the Decimator
Boots of the Terrestrial Guardian
Borean Leather x3
Brilliant Saronite Helm
Chestguard of Illumination
Chestguard of the Dark Stalker
Chestguard of the Talon
Cloak of Bloodied Waters
Cloak of the Moon
Cobalt Gauntlets
Condor-Bone Chestguard
Crystal Infused Leather x78
Crystal Pulse Shield
Crystalbark's Toenail
Crystalblade of the Draenei
Crystalforged War Axe
Crystallized Life x7
Dalaran Clam Chowder x18
Dawnstone x14
Deep Peridot x20
Design: Emerald Owl
Diamond-cut Refractor Scope x7
Dreadmist Belt
Dream Dust x120
Dream Shard x18
Drums of Restoration
Earthen Elixir x9
Earthstorm Diamond
Eight of Beasts
Eight of Storms x2
Elekk Hide Leggings
Elixir of Armor Piercing x13
Elixir of Camouflage x4
Elixir of Detect Lesser Invisibility x5
Elixir of Detect Undead
Elixir of Expertise
Elixir of Major Agility x10
Elixir of Major Defense x5
Elixir of Major Firepower x3
Elixir of Major Fortitude x2
Elixir of Major Mageblood
Elixir of Major Shadow Power x3
Elixir of Mighty Defense x6
Elixir of Mighty Fortitude x25
Elixir of the Searching Eye
Enchanted Thorium Bar x4
Epaulets of Market Row
Epaulets of Market Row
Eternal Earth x2
Eternal Water
Fel Armament
Fel Hide x36
Fel Iron Toolbox
Fel Scales x14
Fel Strength Elixir x2
Fist of Reckoning
Five of Beasts
Five of Furies
Five of Storms x4
Flame Spessarite x40
Flask of Chromatic Wonder x7
Formula: Enchant Bracer - Superior Stamina
Formula: Enchant Bracer - Superior Stamina
Formula: Enchant Weapon - Superior Striking
Formula: Enchant Weapon - Unholy
Formula: Enchant Weapon - Unholy
Formula: Enchant Weapon - Unholy
Formula: Enchant Weapon - Unholy
Four of Blessings
Four of Elementals x2
Four of Portals x2
Four of Storms
Four of Warlords
Frost Protection Potion x5
Frostweave Cloth x212
Frozen Orb x36
Garona: A Study on Stealth and Treachery
Glowing Nightseye
Glowing Nightseye
Glowing Nightseye
Glowing Nightseye
Glyph of Curse of Exhaustion x2
Glyph of Distract x2
Glyph of Lay on Hands
Glyph of Pick Lock
Glyph of the Penguin
Glyph of Thunder Clap
Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth
Gold Twisted Ring
Golden Draenite x20
Greater Arcane Elixir x3
Greater Arcane Protection Potion x3
Greater Eternal Essence x29
Greater Fire Protection Potion x10
Greater Frost Protection Potion x5
Greater Nature Protection Potion x3
Greater Nether Essence x9
Greater Planar Essence x7
Greater Shadow Protection Potion x19
Green Dragonscale x14
Headdress of Inner Rage
Heavy Knothide Leather x2
Helm of the Burning Soul
Heroic Potion x3
Huge Emerald x3
Iceweb Spider Silk x66
Illusion Dust x38
Imbued Netherweave Tunic
Infinite Dust x13
Invisibility Potion x2
Ironweb Spider Silk x13
Jade x2
Jormscale Footpads
Journeyman's Backpack
Jungle Remedy x10
Khoo's Point
Large Brilliant Shard x57
Large Opal x7
Large Prismatic Shard x38
Large Radiant Shard
Leggings of the Sacred Crest
Lesser Invisibility Potion
Living Ruby x3
Lordly Armguards
Magic Resistance Potion x10
Magister's Gloves
Major Arcane Protection Potion x7
Major Fire Protection Potion x10
Major Healing Potion x10
Major Shadow Protection Potion
Many-Pocketed Belt
Mark of Kil'jaeden x99
Mark of Sargeras x66
Mithril Filigree x20
Mote of Earth x10
Nature Armor Kit x5
Nether Dragonscales x22
Noble Topaz x6
Oil of Immolation x5
Onslaught Elixir x5
Ornate Saronite Skullshield
Ornate Saronite Skullshield
Pack of Endless Pockets
Pattern: Frostsaber Leggings
Pattern: Living Leggings
Pattern: Mooncloth Bag
Pauldrons of Surging Mana
Pauldrons of Surging Mana
Perfect Thick Sun Crystal
Plans: Mithril Spurs
Plans: Radiant Boots
Plans: Radiant Breastplate
Plans: Radiant Gloves
Plans: Radiant Leggings
Plans: Radiant Leggings
Plans: Radiant Leggings
Plans: Thorium Leggings
Potion of Speed x10
Powerful Earthsiege Diamond
Powerful Earthsiege Diamond
Primal Air x4
Primal Earth x76
Primal Fire x10
Primal Life x28
Primal Mana x5
Primal Nether x2
Primal Shadow x12
Primal Water x4
Prismatic Sphere
Purification Potion x7
Ravenguard's Greaves
Reanimator's Cloak
Recipe: Greater Stoneshield Potion
Resolute Monarch Topaz
Resolute Monarch Topaz
Rumsey Rum Black Label x5
Runecloth Bag
Runecloth Bag
Rusted-Link Spiked Gauntlets
Sapphire Signet
Schematic: Gnomish Alarm-o-Bot
Scroll of Enchant Boots - Greater Assault
Scroll of Enchant Boots - Stamina
Scroll of Enchant Chest - Greater Health
Scroll of Enchant Chest - Superior Health
Scroll of Enchant Gloves - Armsman x2
Scroll of Enchant Gloves - Expertise x3
Scroll of Enchant Shield - Defense x5
Scytheclaw Boots
Seaspray Emerald
Seven of Beasts
Seven of Blessings
Seven of Lunacy
Seven of Warlords
Shadow Draenite x20
Shadowcraft Bracers
Shadowcraft Gloves
Shimmerthread Girdle
Shining Forest Emerald
Shoveltusk Soup x19
Six of Elementals
Six of Portals
Six of Prisms
Skullcage of Eternal Terror
Skyfire Diamond
Soul Essence x122
Soulcloth Gloves
Spored Tendrils Spaulders
Star of Elune x6
Stoneguard Band
Stormchops x15
Sunfury Signet x117
Super Healing Potion x3
Talasite x17
Tempered Saronite Breastplate
The Bringer of Death
The Bringer of Death
The Emerald Dream
The Essence Focuser
Thorium Tube x10
Three of Beasts
Three of Lunacy
Three of Portals
Three of Rogues
Three of Storms
Titanium Rod
Two of Beasts
Two of Elementals x2
Two of Storms
Two of Warlords
Unstable Mana Potion x3
Valanos' Longbow
Vision Dust x40
Void Crystal x56
Weapon Vellum x2
Web Winder Gloves
Web Winder Gloves
Web Winder Gloves
Wildheart Bracers
Wind Scales x6
Windwalker's Footwraps
Worn Dragonscale x13

Recently one of the members of your guild was the victim of an account compromise, and during the course of our investigation it was discovered that items were removed from the guild bank while the account was out of the control of your guild member. The items have been returned to you as attachments to an in-game mail. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.
Bwahaha, I'm going to be soo flooded with mail.

Spinning Hat 02-28-2010 06:49 PM

Re: Hacked
Jesus that's a lot of stuff!

Fatalle 03-13-2010 07:19 PM

Re: Hacked
Dane and I are now officially authenticated. :)

Stang 03-15-2010 02:03 PM

Re: Hacked
YAY! See what happens when you rant about it in TS :D.

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