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Re: [PC Game] Hellgate: London

Definately a fun game. held my attention completely for almost a month(trust me, that is epic). that was when i made the decision to either continue playing the game indefiantely, and plunk down the money for a Founder's Lifetime Subscription, or drop the game for awhile, and see how it played down the road. I chose the latter. As of yesterday, this was made into a GREAT idea. I reinstalled HG:L and decided, wth, I'll click the subscribe button. it keeps sending me to my profile page. I go to the forums to see what's happening....Flagship is almost completely out of business, the forum moderators are just doing it for love of the fan's/game, and they are not accepting anymore additional subscribers, nor renewing anything beyond what has alreay been charged, many members are upset, because they either had 3 months + or they have multiple lifetime accounts, and now there are even doubts that the servers will make it.

True break down:
This will be an Awesome $20 Single-player game
If you are looking for Multi-player, get in quick, but don't expect it to last. If some one else picks up the title(it was Distributed by you'd think there'd be something there), there is a chance, but otherwise, I'd write this off as even being an option.

sad to see happen, but such is the world of gaming.
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