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Tribes Next

Tribes 2 is enjoying a tiny resurgence at the moment. Apparently Vivendi shut off the authentication servers, so someone made their own and created a patch for T2 to allow it to use the new account scheme.

Come play while there are people to play with!

TribesNext - Multiplayer Tribes 2
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Re: Tribes Next

I'm planning on trying it out. I haven't played Tribes2, or really any computer game, in probably over a year.
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Re: Tribes Next

The Goon Squad's T2 classic server has been going pretty steady for a few months. Now it looks like Brazone wants to get a second T2 classic server active if they can.

From **READ THIS** Tribes2 Classic Pub Revival by Brandonm - TribalWar Forums
It's time to bring back a quality classic pub for everyone to enjoy. However to do so we need the community to contribute. Beginning Thursday, January 7th @ 9:00PM EST we need anyone who is available to join the - Central server everyday for the next two weeks. No one likes playing alone, if we do this consistantly for two weeks we should be able to keep a steady flow going.

Here are the details for the server:

Name: - Central
Size: 28 available slots

• Base rape disabled until 7v7 players.
• Random teams
• Random mapcycle
• Online statistics (will be implemented soon)

There are 23 serverside maps in the mapcycle, they will be played randomly with a vote at the start of each map to skip the current map. The mapcycle will be tweaked throughout the week so if there is a map that doesn't play well let me know in IRC. If you get kicked or banned from the server don't come crying to me, frankly I don't have time for that and I most likely won't answer you. Don't do stupid crap and you have nothing to worry about. I will also be implementing accumulative online stats for the server so you can track virtually every stat available.


The goal for now is to get the server going for a few hours every night for the next two weeks. I'd also like to encourage everyone to introduce other online gamers to Tribes2 so we can try to get some fresh names involved.

Any questions, comments or concerns hit me up in IRC. ( #branzone)
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Re: Tribes Next

installed, but get a UE, based on my video drivers not gonna revert to older for a 7 year old game.

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