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With Sincerest Apologies

I have to begin with apologizing to anyone I might blindside with this but it's been some time brewing, so here goes.....

My time here at ATF has sadly come to an end. I want to state how grateful I am to you guys for blindly accepting some dude into your guild family on the recommendation from some guy who hardly ever logs in, lol.

At the moment I feel like I have to move on and find a guild that raids at least once a week. I am not going to kid myself and say I am the uber progression player or raid leader, but, I do think I do what I have to in order to maintain viable as either one, but without a proper number of people in guild , logged in, or weekly raids, I will remain stagnant and eventually no longer be viable, this is in part because of my lame brain picking toons that are so heavily gear dependant to stay on top of their game.

What you guys have here , is really cool, I know you have been gaming together for quite some time now and have built those gamer bonds that are hard to come by (you know, meeting strangers through a game and finding out they are hella cool, and not douchebags) perhaps if I had joined you guys earlier at the height of your numbers or played other games with you I would feel the same sense of Guildy Family.

Unfortunately , WoW is the game I play the most, and I play CoD4 , that's about it, mostly because of money constraints and also because of time, with school and all that , it' just hard to play anything else srsly.

Thanks guys, for having me, and I hops to see you around, I hope I can retain Forum Rights, so I can stop in and say, Hello

P.S. thanks to Silver for not only explaining to me the math behind Cleave as an AoE tank mechanic but also on how to apply it's use, that info made my tanking that much better.

P.P.S. Don;t let that get to your head Silver, Gryph's ass STILL looks better than yours in them Daisy Dukes! :P


Jorge "Dugo"
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Re: With Sincerest Apologies

Sorry to see ya go. This happens every year for ATF, a lot of people take a break at the same time and then we lose the people still actively playing. Stay in touch, there is more to ATF than just WoW.
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Re: With Sincerest Apologies

You know how I feel from when we talked yesterday.

You better come around and say hi everyonce in a while .
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